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Primer: National environmental management biodiversity act


The National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) is a complimentary act to the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA). NEMBA aims to provide for the management and conservation of South Africa's biodiversity within the framework of NEMA. These objectives are promoted by giving protections to ecosystems and species that are threatened or in need of protection (section 51).

Numerous species of flora and fauna have also been identified as a threatened or protected species, and two hundred and twenty five threatened ecosystems have already been identified in terms of NEMBA (sections 52, 56 and GN 1002 in GG 34809 of 9 December 2011).

NEMBA restrictions

A permit must be acquired before conducting any restricted activities involving any protected species of flora or fauna (section 57(1)). These restricted activities include:

NEMBA doesn't have any exemptions for the mineral and petroleum industry, and may have an impact on planned prospecting, mining, exploration or production activities.


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