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Bike check: My new bmx


My new bmx bicycle was delivered today. I wasn't sure when I'd recieve it because of the level 4 covid-19 lockdown regulations in place. Level 4 only allows the sale of certain "essential goods". I guess different people have different definitions of what is essential.

I bought a 2019 Fitbike Co STR Complete. The delivery from only took 4 business days.

Why a bike from Fitbike Co? Because it was the only decent complete bmx that I could find. It came down to a Fitbike Co bmx, or none at all. But honestly, given the choice between this and similar complete bikes from other manufacturers, I'd still have considered buying this bike. It seems like a solid base to build on.

A photo of a 2019 Fit STR Complete 20 inch BMX. It is completely matt black (black frame, handle bars and wheel rims), with the exception of olive green grips and tires.

The specifications:

2019 Fit STR Complete 20" BMX
Size:         20" TT
Frame:        CrMo TT/DT	
Geometry:     75.5HT; 71ST; 13.11CS; 
	      11.8BB; 8.8SO
Brakes:       Welded 990 mounts
Fork:         CrMo steerer tube 
              25mm offset dropouts
Handlebar:    9" X 29" 4-PC
Stem:         Fit forged front load
Grips:        Fit crossfit
Headset:      Intergrated
Rear brake:   U-brake
Brake lever:  2 finger
Brake cable:  Straight
Gear ratio:   25/9 rhd
Cranks:       Tubular CrMo 160 rhd
BB:           Mid sealed bearing
Sprocket:     Stamped series one 25T
Pedals:       Wellgo
Chain:        KMCZ410
Front hub:    Unsealed
Front rim:    36H Fit S1W
Front tire:   2.4 Fit S1W
Rear hub:     14mm cassette rhd
Rear rim:     36H Fit S1W
Rear tire:    2.4 Fit t/a
Seat:         Seat/post combo
Seatpost:     Seat/post combo
Seat clamp:   Alloy
Pegs:         4X 100mm
Misc:         Street geo
Weight:       28.3 lbs (12.8 kg)

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