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Daily reading list


It's been a while since I last took a detailed look at my 2018 daily reading list. The changes since 2018 hasn't been drastic.

I have, however, removed some websites that publish a lot of articles each day, but whose themes overlap with others on the list. This way I can still keep up to date with major happenings and larger movements in the news cycle, without being flooded with articles. The high volume losses are It's Going Down, and Torrent Freak (both still excellent sources). I still don't manage to read all the articles on my RSS feed each day.

Here's my current daily internet reading list.


Current affairs




News aggregation websites

Note: I've removed the philosophy websites that I followed because these websites were not updated frequently and, even when they were, I seldom read the updates. I've also removed these websites from my RSS feed.

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