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Comic pull list: December 2016


I have pruned my comic book pull list over the last few months. Some titles on my list had come to an end, including Satellite Sam, Massive, Fight Club 2 and the Manhattan Projects, but I also dropped some ongoing titles. Scott Snyder's Batman ended with issue 52 in the first half of 2016. The title relaunched/rebooted with a new writer, artist and story direction. I started collecting this title because I am a fan of Scott Snyder's past horror work, so with Scott Snyder not writing the book any more, the relaunch was a good point to jump off.

It was a tough decision to drop Uncanny X-Men. I have been collecting and reading this title for years, but my enthusiasm for it waned because Marvels constant cross overs and relaunches has made it almost impossible for a writer to tell a good story with the characters. My tipping point came in the past months when Marvel announced it's new upcoming X-Men versus [other hero title] crossover, that would be followed with a second relaunch/reboot of the title in as many years. I might still collect X-Men in trade paperback instead of single issues because, strangely, its cheaper that way with the added bonus that the trade paperbacks don't come loaded with adverts.

The third ongoing title I dropped was Uber, after its publication took a break when volume one ended on issue 27. I am a fan of Kieron Gillen's work, but I decided not to pick up the books second volume because I am so far behind reading the first volume.

Now my comic book pull list has no Marvel or DC titles.

The single issues I bought in December 2016 were:

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