December Comic Pull List

In the year since my last comic book pull list, I haven’t added any new ongoing comic book titles because I have a lot of unread comic books that I’ve bought but haven’t got around to reading.

Right now I am buying these ongoing titles on a monthly basis:

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Comic Pull List – December 2016

I have pruned my comic book pull list over the last few months. Some titles on my list had come to an end, including Satellite Sam, Massive, Fight Club 2 and the Manhattan Projects, but I also dropped some ongoing titles.

Scott Snyder’s “Batman” ended with issue 52 in the first half of 2016. The title relaunched/rebooted with a new writer, artist and story direction. I started collecting this title because I am a fan of Scott Snyder’s past horror work, so with Scott Snyder not writing the book any more, the relaunch was a good point to jump off.

I dropped Uncanny X-Men after much thought. I have been collecting and reading this title for years, but my enthusiasm for it waned because Marvels constant cross overs and relaunches has made it almost impossible for a writer to tell a good story with the characters. My tipping point came in the past months when Marvel announced it’s new upcoming “X-Men versus [other hero title]” crossover, that would be followed with a second relaunch/reboot of the title in as many years. I might still collect X-Men in trade paperback instead of single issues because, strangely, its cheaper that way with the added bonus that the trade paperbacks don’t come loaded with adverts.

The third ongoing title I dropped was Uber, after its publication took a break when volume one ended on issue 27. I am a fan of Kieron Gillen’s work, but I decided not to pick up the books second volume because I am so far behind reading the first volume.

Now my comic book pull list has no Marvel or DC titles.

The single issues I bought in December 2016 were:

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Comic Pull List – May 2016

A quick look at the comic books that I am reading (or in some cases just buying) each month.

Single Issues

Mark Waid (Writer), Fiona Staples (Artist)

COMIC SUPERSTARS MARK WAID AND FIONA STAPLES REIMAGINE AN ICON! Change is coming to Riverdale in this can’t-miss kick-off to Archie’s new ongoing series! Familiar faces return in new and unexpected ways in this must-read #1 issue! As the new school year approaches, you’d think Archie Andrews would be looking forward to classes and fun — but nothing is as it seems in the little town of Riverdale. But is this a one-off or a sign of bigger changes awaiting for America’s favourite teens — and the entire town?

Scott Snyder (Writer), Greg Capullo (Artist)

Batman doesn’t need an introduction.

Paul Tobin (Writer), Juan Ferreyra (Artist)

“When a mysterious madman returns to claim Boston’s sanity, Declan Thomas can only fight him by fulfilling a dark prophecy. With each step, with each use of his abilities, with every ounce of effort he gives to hold onto his sanity, he grows colder. Step by step, moment by moment, closer and closer to zero. With his body failing and his sanity crumbling, Declan balances between falling into madness and falling onto a dinner plate, because Nimble Jack is back, he’s hungry, and to him sanity is just a matter of degrees.”

Jonathan Hickman (Writer), Nick Dragotta (Artist)

“This is the world. It is not the one we wanted, but it is the one we deserved. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse roam the Earth, signaling the End Times for humanity, and our best hope for life, lies in DEATH.”

Chuck Palahniuk (Writer), Cameron Stewart (Artist)

Some imaginary friends never go away . . . Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, he lives a mundane life. A kid, a wife. Pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won’t last long, the wife has seen to that. He’s back where he started, but this go-round he’s got more at stake than his own life. The time has arrived . . .Rize or Die.

Cullen Bunn (Writer), Tyler Cook (Artist)

Emmy always knew that the woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts and monsters. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is connected to these creatures–and to the land itself–in a way she never imagined.

Mark Millar (Writer), Wilfredo Torres (Artist)

In mid-century America, a team of young superheroes faces epic threats in public while battling personal demons behind closed doors.

Mark Millar (Writer), Frank Quitely (Artist)

“The children of the world’s greatest superheroes may never be able to fill their parents’ shoes. When the family becomes embattled by infighting, one branch stages an uprising, another goes into hiding. How long can the world survive when one family’s super-powered problems explode onto the global stage?

Grant Morrison (Writer), Dan Mora (Artist)

He’s a myth. He’s a legend. He’s loved worldwide by children and adults alike . . . but does anyone truly know the origins of Santa Claus? Set in a dark fantastic past of myth and magic, Klaus tells the origin story of Santa Claus. It’s the tale of one man and his wolf against a totalitarian state and the ancient evil that sustains it. Award-winning author Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, The Multiversity) and artist Dan Mora (Hexed) revamp, reinvent, and re-imagine a classic superhero for the 21st century, drawing on Santa’s roots in Viking lore and Siberian shamanism, and taking in the creepier side of Christmas with characters like the sinister Krampus. Klaus finally answers the burning question: what does Santa Claus do on the other 364 days a year?”

Jonathan Hickman (Writer), Nick Pitarra (Artist)

What if the research and development department created to produce the first atomic bomb was a front for a series of other, more unusual, programs? What if the union of a generation’s brightest minds was not a signal for optimism, but foreboding? What if everything… went wrong? Welcome to THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, a brand new, ongoing, monthly comic from the creators of THE RED WING.”

Brian Wood (Writer), Garry Brown (Artist)

In this first volume of Brian Wood’s new, sprawling postapocalyptic epic, follow the crew of the Kapital from the flooded remnants of Hong Kong to Unalaska, with stops in Antarctica and Mogadishu, as post-Crash ethics and economics are explored across a broken world

Jim McCann (Writer), Rodin Esquejo (Artist)

“Elle Peterssen is young, wealthy, and beautiful – and there is a reason someone tried to kill her! Only, Elle doesn’t remember any of this. Mind the Gap, the new series by the Eisner Award-winning writer Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men), is a mystery with a paranormal twist. Elle, in a spirit form detached from her comatose body, must not only unravel the mystery of her attacker’s identity and motive, but her entire life as well. Who can she trust, in both this word and in the gap she exists in that lies between life and death? Deceit, secrets, and hidden agendas are everywhere in a story where everyone is a suspect, and no one is innocent.”

I’ve only realised now that the last issue of this comic was released just two years age in May 2014, so this book probably wont run past its current seventeen issues. I was very disappointed by the big reveal of the identity of the “hooded figure” that appears throughout the book. After the big build up, the reveal seemed like a non-event that only tried to set up the next big mystery. With the book seemingly dead at the moment, we might not ever get any resolution to the mystery of Elle Peterssen.

Marjorie Liu (Writer), Sana Takeda (Artist)

“Set in an alternate matriarchal 1900’s Asia, in a richly imagined world of art deco-inflected steampunk, MONSTRESS tells the story of a teenage girl who is struggling to survive the trauma of war, and who shares a mysterious psychic link with a monster of tremendous power, a connection that will transform them both.”

I added this book to my pull list after I saw a preview of the art in the first issue. I now own six issues that I haven’t had the chance to read, but I think the art by Sana Takeda is worth the price of the book alone.

Brian K. Vaughan (Writer), Cliff Chiang (Artist)

In the early hours after Halloween of 1988, four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls uncover the most important story of all time. Suburban drama and otherworldly mysteries collide in this smash-hit series about nostalgia, first jobs, and the last days of childhood.

Brian K. Vaughan (Writer), Fiona Staples (Artist)

When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe. From bestselling writer Brian K. Vaughan, Saga is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the worlds. Fantasy and science fiction are wed like never before in this sexy, subversive drama for adults.

Matt Fraction (Writer), Howard Chaykin (Artist)

New York City, 1951: The star of the hit TV show “Satellite Sam” turns up dead in a flophouse filled with dirty secrets. If his son can sober up, he might be able to figure out why in this noir mystery shot through with sex and violence in the seedy underbelly of TV’s golden age. By Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals, Casanova, Hawkeye) and Howard Chaykin (Black Kiss I & II, American Flagg!).

Kieron Gillen (Writer), Caanan White (Artist)

April 24, 1945. The world holds its collective breath as the war is only days away from ending. Russian troops move through Germany to the final objective…Hitler himself. As those around the mad dictator crumble, the much ridiculed threats of the “Wunderwafen” materialize. A new weapon is delivered, one with unstoppable power — a weapon like no other and with a madman pulling the trigger. The Ubers change the direction of World War II, providing a dark and uncompromising alternative history in a way that you’ve never seen. Kieron Gillen and Caanan White deliver one of the best new series of 2013.

Cullen Bunn (Writer), Greg Land (Artist)

“An All-New, All-Different Marvel series. After the events of Secret Wars and Uncanny X-Men Vol.3 a new team of mutants takes on the name of the Uncanny X-Men. The new team stars Magneto, Archgangel, Psylocke, M and the reformed (inverted) Sabretooth!”

Ed Brubaker (Writer), Steve Epting (Artist)

ED BRUBAKER and STEVE EPTING redefined Captain America with the “Winter Soldier” saga… and everything they’ve done so far has been leading to VELVET! When the world’s best secret agent is killed, Velvet Templeton, the Personal Assistant to the Director of the Agency, is drawn off her desk and back into the field for the first time in nearly 20 years… and is immediately caught in a web of mystery, murder and high-octane action.

Kieron Gillen (Writer), Jamie McKelvie (Artist)

“Every ninety years, twelve gods incarnate as humans. They are loved. They are hated. In two years, they are dead. The team behind critically thermonuclear floor-fillers Young Avengers and PHONOGRAM reunite to start a new ongoing superhero fantasy. Welcome to THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, where gods are the ultimate pop stars. But remember: just because you’re immortal, doesn’t mean you’re going to live forever.”

Trade paperbacks

Kieron Gillen (Writer), Jamie McKelvie (Artist)

The team behind the New York Times bestselling and Eisner-nominated smash hit THE WICKED + THE DIVINE return to the acclaimed urban fantasy where they first made their names. Nearly a decade ago, Emily Aster sold half her personality for the power to rule a coven of phonomancers. I’m sure nothing could go horribly, monstrously wrong now. In a world where Music is Magic, a song can save or ruin your life. In THE IMMATERIAL GIRL, we discover what a video can do.

Stjepan Sejic (writer, Artist)

Two women deal with modern themes of sex, relationships, and fetishism in this erotic romantic comedy. So beware all who enter, because, to quote a few hundred thousand readers on DeviantArt: ‘I’m not into BDSM…but this story…I get it.’

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